Tridium's product range addresses three market areas


Building Automation

Tridium's range of system products lets systems installers create cost-effective controls solutions for managing all aspects of buildings' environmental systems. The ability of NiagaraAX to integrate with other manufacturers' products maximises choice and flexibility for the building owner.

Niagara based systems are so flexible they can be used for HVAC and lighting control, electrical power distribution management, utility metering and billing, alarm management, and monitoring of all sorts of equipment in buildings. In addition they can integrate with other systems such as fire detection, access control and CCTV (see security section for more on this).


Building Security

Integrating security within building automation systems brings added functionality and efficiencies to building operation. Security integration allows building managers to share and operate systems from one common user interface and to achieve effective system interoperability. For example; security events from access control and CCTV systems can be linked to lighting and HVAC systems to ensure more energy efficient day-to-day building operation, and greater safety in the event of an emergency.

Whereas in building automation systems there has been a strong trend towards use of open standard networks, there are no established open standard protocols for security system operation. The result has been that integration is complex, expensive and time-consuming, or limited to one manufacturer providing all systems.

Tridium's offers two solutions, both of which can deliver simpler and less expensive integration between different manufacturers' systems:

  • Vykon Security access control and intruder detection system offers a fully integrated IP based system - click here for details
  • A variety of effective, low-cost drivers which integrate other manufacturers' access control, intruder panels and video surveillance systems

For access control the OPC alarm and event driver enables integration with various manufacturer's systems eg Cardax, while the oBIX driver supports other systems eg Honeywell Prowatch. Beyond that Tridium develops manufacturer specific drivers as required commercially.

For intruder detection there is a Honeywell Galaxy (Dimension) NiagaraAX driver, and as this is based on the SIA protocol standard other panels using this can potentially be integrated. Contact us with your specific requirements.

For CCTV integration Tridium has the NiagaraAX video driver which provides core functionality common to all systems and can be customised for each manufacturers' products.

The NiagaraAX video driver already supports the full range of Dedicated Micros NetVu DVR's, Axis IP cameras, as well as Honeywell and Milestone's DVM systems. More drivers are in development and will be available to support a wide diversity of security manufacturers' equipment.


Smart Services

The NiagaraAX Framework is an important component in delivering intelligent buildings and connecting them to Smart Services which collect and analyse the data from multiple sites and provide reports and dashboards to improve the management of overall building portfolio.

Smart services, often referred to as Machine to Machine or M2M, allow buildings to be run more efficiently, using less energy and reducing service costs whilst lowering downtime, because site problems can be identified and fixed more quickly. To deliver Smart Services, systems within the building must be connected to the various enterprise applications to enable better decisions as to when to act and to provide more information about what to do.

Tridium's JACE products, especially the M2M JACE are ideal for multi-site monitoring applications, as the important parameters on each site can be monitored and logged either by direct connection to the JACE or collected from other systems on site via a network interface using one of the many Niagara network drivers to convert the data. Then the data can be transmitted up to the central monitoring location by broadband or GPRS. GPRS/3G is especially useful where the sites are relatively small and keeping the cost of installation to a minimum is critical to justify the project in payback terms. Although broadband offers much faster connectivity, GPRS is adequate and has the huge merit of working immediately without the need to negotiate with IT departments for broadband/firewall access. It offers the same “always on” capability as broadband provided a suitable data SIM is used.

Both the JACE2/6 and M2M JACE product lines have the option of GPRS connectivity.


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