Tridium offers comprehensive training for system installers and developers as part of the global Tridium Certification Programme; involving a combination of theory and practical workshop-style activities.

We offer a detailed introduction to the NiagaraAX Framework for engineers, exploring the capabilities of the Framework and it’s application in building automation systems on a one week course that includes:

  • workbench engineering
  • drivers & various communication protocols
  • LON network management
  • creating control strategies
  • drawing web serving graphics
  • creating & managing Niagara stations

For developers we provide education in how to use the JAVA API’s to harness the power of Niagara to build your own applications based on the Framework. All training takes place at our fully equipped, modern facility in Coolham, West Sussex, UK, or we can run training courses at your premises.

If you need more information than provided here or have special training requirements then please contact us.


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