Tridium Partners

Tridium's business model is to supply the Niagara technology and our hardware products to a global network of partners.

These partners fall broadly into 4 categories:


Systems Integrator (SI) – a specialist controls contractor who typically designs and installs controls solutions for specific projects, working with the contractual chain on new build projects and sometimes directly with building owner/operators.

Distributor – a company whose aim to promote and technically support Tridium products to their own network of SI partners in a particular territory. Tridium provides back-up support for such companies who serve their local markets in their own language.

OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) – a company who uses Tridium’s products within their own product/system offering or who brand the Tridium products before reselling to their own partner channel.

Developer – a company which has Java programming capability and creates additional features, drivers and applications built on the Niagara Framework.

Tridium strongly encourages such development and provides specialist technical support and training to programmers. Unlike other controls manufacturers Tridium allows partners to run their custom features, drivers and applications on our embedded controller platform (the JACE). Niagara AX has been specifically developed with  customisation in mind so we publish APIs for most parts of the Framework to our developer partners.  There are a range of companies across the EMEA region who can offer development services to OEMs and who sell their software to our other partners in what has become a growing ecosystem.

Tridium sells it’s products with the Vykon brand to SIs and resellers, and offers a branding service for both the hardware and software to sell to OEMs.


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