Tridium's technology provides solutions for a wide range of applications, which we have grouped into 4 categories: Controls, Integration, Smart Services, Security

For  HVAC projects involving metering, lighting and other control requirements then our powerful and flexible Niagara AX engineering approach provides an ideal solution. Niagara AX uses a unified engineering tool called Workplace which enables graphical programming of control strategies, creation of web graphics and network device management. For more details select Controls Overview on the menu.

The unique strength of the Niagara Framework is its ability to easily integrate disparate multiple systems and devices as Niagara AX supports all the open standard network protocols used in buildings today. Both Tridium and some of our partners can also supply a wide range of proprietary protocol drivers which further expands the ability to unify the management of buildings and estate portfolios. For more details select Integration Overview on the menu.

Smart remote management of large building portfolios has become increasingly important in recent years as rising energy and maintenance costs have focussed attention on building related overhead cost reduction. Niagara AX is ideal for multi-site deployments across hundreds and thousands of sites to monitor utility usage, temperature and equipment status using either GPRS or broadband connectivity to central monitoring bureaux. Our case studies give examples of such projects, and more details can be found by selecting Smart Services Overview on the menu.

As well as integrating with other manufacturers’ security and video surveillance  systems, Tridium have developed the Vykon Security system  which provides and easy to administer and use access control and intruder detection solution. Vykon Security is IP based, is fully scalable to thousands of doors and provides a fully web-served user interface. More details can be found by selecting Security Overview on the menu.


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