SysMik announces availability of Sedona 1.2 Programmable, Modular and Compact Controllers

SysMik announces availability of Sedona 1.2 Programmable, Modular and Compact Controllers

SysMik, a leading manufacturer of control devices, announces the availability of the latest Sedona technology in their modular and compact controllers

Dresden, Germany, April 3rd, 2013

SysMik, a leading manufacturer of control devices, announces the availability of the latest Sedona technology in their modular and compact controllers, including:

  •     Modular Sedona controller ICS-500 with a wide range of pluggable IO modules
  •     Compact controllers SCC-410 (26 IO points) for universal applications
  •     Compact controllers SCC-510, 511, 520, 521 for HVAC applications (16 IO points)

Why Sedona?

Sedona devices are ideally suited for real-time control for automation applications. They seamlessly integrate into the Niagara environment, providing comprehensive control from enterprise level to the field level, using only one engineering tool suit. Sedona technology provides numerous features for small field devices with limited resources, including real-time IO control, connection over IP and application scalability. Most importantly, being an open-source solution, it provides independent programming capabilities and is highly customizable. Moreover, Sedona is an extremely scalable solution that allows long term infrastructure flexibility, easy maintenance and great stability.

“Sedona’s new 1.2 version provides great new enhancements, including time synchronization, offline programming and network discovery, and most importantly – wider assimilation into the Niagara solution, enabling much more control options over the Sedona devices using the WorkPlace-AX”, comments Dr.-Ing. Gert-Ulrich Vack, company’s CEO.

SysMik’s Sedona devices as part of the Intesa solution Suite for M2M and Automation offer extremely scalable functionality and performance; from 10 data points and 10ms cycle time of SCC devices to hundreds of thousands of data points in Workplace-AX. Control systems architects get a widely extended range of options for system layout, network topology, and an intelligent selection of systems’ functions according to the project’s requirements.

How Sedona is better than the traditional way (BACnet, LON) for your automation application?

Sedona offers an elegant solution that cuts costs while providing the highest level of performance. It significantly reduces engineering costs by offering a unified, simplified tool and full integration capabilities, without requiring any protocol specific gateways. Sedona natively integrates with Niagara and together they provide the perfect solution for any automation project. Doing so, Sedona incorporates real time IO control into the central Niagara framework, and is the ideal solution to be used for room automation. In addition, being an open source solution allows the client to independently program the devices further, per the projects changing requirements. Moreover, SysMik’s advanced Sedona devices are extremely compact and allow manual control on top of the automation one. They offer many useful features, such as an option for direct communication between devices, independently from the Niagara system.

Costs reduction, using one central control tool covering all devices, open programming tool, real-time IO control, extreme scalability and the strong back of SysMik development – these and more, make Sedona by SysMik your ideal solution for control devices.

About SysMik GmbH

For over 20 years, SysMik is a highly experienced and well recognized manufacturer of automation control devices, proudly made in Germany. We started in 1991 with the interoperable LonWorks technology because of its outstanding advantages like openness, 7-layer-protocol and functional profiles. Today, the Niagara-AX and Sedona Frameworks are the technological basis for our Intesa Solution Suite for M2M and Automation. All our Sedona- and LON-products are programmable and easy to integrate in Intesa.

Intesa is your best choice to realize Web- and IP-enabled distributed systems – for either building applications, distributed facilities, plant control for renewable energy systems, or infrastructure applications.

Sysmik offers state-of-the-art solutions for intelligent buildings, enabling costs reduction, energy efficiency and operational stability, all in a friendly user interface. In addition, SysMik provides customized solutions and design as well as most advanced methods of quality control.

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